Why Trust Us

We are licensed operators who specialize in trekking and adventure tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. We have been in the business for more than five years and we continue to provide excellent service to our clients. This makes us, without a doubt, the leading Friendship Alternative trekking company  in Nepal.

We believe a small group enhances the quality of the experience, An average Friendship Alternation Nepal Trekking group is around 10+ people. We’re proud to have thousands of happy costumer travel with us every year. Our guides are Experience authentic Sherpa, knowledgeable and friendly with a passion for showing you the real Nepal. So, join with us and feel the unforgettable travel experiences at affordable price.

Customer Service Chat
Friendship Alternation Nepal trek & Expeditions are happy to provide excellent service. We give our best to provide all the necessary help and support to ensure an enjoyable trip for you.

We are committed to remain honest and transparent to our clients, providing consultation up until departure. We want our clients to take advantage of this service either face to face or over the telephone/Skype to ensure a well prepared tour, we also provide pre-departure group briefings and look forward to any post-departure feedback. All of our previous clients have been highly satisfied with our service and it is important to us to maintain this in the years to come. Nepal is a land of many surprises and Friendship Alternative trekking & Expeditions does our best to set the right expectations of the places, people, systems and services you may come across while visiting Nepal.

Care of Porters

Porters play a very important role,they are the backbone to our company.They work tirelessly for us to make sure that your vacation is perfect. They arrange and carry all.They are always the last to leave a Lodge/campsite checking none of your belongings are left behind and first to arrive in the hotel to make everything is perfect. We give proper salaries, equipment and insurance to all our porters. We are lucky to have these guys and always think of special ways to honor them.

Safety- Always our first Priority

Every Friendship Alternation Trekking & Expeditions Sherpa guide has received training in first aid. We conduct mandatory training every year where all the guides take part. During your trek, your guide will have a first aid kit with them for basic medical problems (headache, diarrhea, minor cuts, insects bites) and oxygen.

Sometimes, somewhere something unpredictable things can happen but our guides will never leave you alone. If you feel, you cannot complete your trek our guide will find out the fastest way to take you the nearest hospital or clinic. And will make sure that you are fine and will be able to do the remaining trek or not and will definitely help you in completing your trek.

No extra or hidden fees

We are transparent in our pricing and provide comprehensive information on the inclusions of our packages.We may charge a premium for our packages but this is to ensure that we are able to provide you the best, safest and most comfortable experience.

100% Excellent Service Guaranteed

For all of our treks and tours we require a minimum of two travelers. The majority of our clients have at least 2 in their group, which means that you can choose virtually any date to start your tour or trek. If you are traveling solo, we are very happy to place you in one of our existing groups, subject to availability.But upon your request we can also organize a private trek or Tour for solo traveler.

Customize anything!

Based on demand and what our clients tell us they want, we have put together an incredible choice of tours & treks which are detailed on our website and we are adding new tours & Treks whenever we see an interest or need in new areas. If you don’t see what you want on our website, just email us what it is you are looking for and with a minimum of 2 travelers; we will happily put together a customized itinerary for you! If you want to do your own private Trek or tour, we are happy to organize solo private trek tour for you.